Get to Know the 2020 Harley-Davidson Bronx Near Loganville GA

March 25th, 2020 by

Get to Know the 2020 Harley-Davidson Bronx Near Loganville GA

Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson – Get to Know the 2020 Harley-Davidson Bronx Near Loganville GA

The mysterious 2020 Bronx got less mysterious in recent days as Harley-Davidson came out with a few intriguing specs on the bike. The first thing that stood out was the switch to liquid-cooled efficiency. We’ve known that liquid-cooling is more efficient and less harmful to the environment for awhile, but it’s not always easy to implement these new technologies, especially on a brand as legendary as the Harley.

While most Harley riders are obviously thrilled about the efficiency of the liquid cooling addition, we’re all glad that Harley chose to really take its time and add new technologies the right way. Harley doesn’t just copy other brand technologies. They completely reinvent the technology to be their own and then get light years ahead of the game.

The V-twin engine that will power the Bronx is another slice of performance news that people are really sinking their teeth into. It’s a bold choice for a newer model that’s just now entering a new market segment for Harley, and it shows just how dedicated the brand is to staying on the cutting edge of even recently entered markets.

News about the Bronx has filtered in very slowly, as it typical with a big model rollout like this one. Brands like Harley want their customers to relish the information and learn it a little bit at a time, rather than take it in all at once and spoil the “surprises” along the way. What we have learned about the Bronx is that it’s going to be a forerunner in its segment for many years to come.

It has the style and personality to dominate in 2020. And the angled styling makes it appealing to a younger audience of riders as well who might just be coming of “Harley buying” age and ready to make their first bike purchase. Thanks to the aerodynamics of the bike and design qualities, it might be the perfect bike for someone who wants to really get into riding for the first time ever. Granted, a few riding lessons might be preferable first (you can grab those from Falcons Fury too!).

The first step to picking out a new bike is to read more in-depth information about them, and that’s what our 2020 Bronx review gives you up front. You’ll journey deeper into the inner workings of the bike and learn more about what we know of the model so far. As new news arrives each day, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest Bronx headlines so that you can be the first to hear that thrilling new feature you have to look forward to. If you love what you learn about the Bronx, you can put the blog down and just come out and ride the Bronx yourself.

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